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Start Your Organization's Digital Transformation

Through powerful workflows,electronic forms, document management and analytics, our platform eliminates manual processes and automates repetitive tasks, accelerating how business gets done in a secure way

  • Capture and secure your documents from day one.
  • Track and leverage your valuable information.
  • Content is available to everyone you've authorized.
  • Automate repetitive tasks so your documents, approvals actionable items get to the right people at the right time.

Why do we need content intelligence?

It facilitates the easy, smooth flow of any critical information across the company or organization coming across all departments and employees

It saves time by speeding up your workflow and granting you access to your documents at all times, round the clock.

It can help you collect, store, and organize your files and data in one place so that you can keep tracking it

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

We provide a powerful tools that capture and manage documents a long with automating a lot of your organization's business processes

Intelligent Content Capture

Quickly and seamlessly capture, organize and find content.

Document & Records Management

Promote collaboration and simplify records lifecycle management with all your content in one place.

Process Automation

Automate everyday business processes and gain intelligence that drives decisions.


Connect the enterprise apps your teams rely on every day to stay productive.


we make it easy for you

Work Smarter with Optimized Processes

  • Accelerate Transformation with a No-Code Process Designer
  • Digitize and Automate Form Submissions
  • Gain Actionable Business Intelligence

Manage All Stages of Your Content

  • Centralize Your Enterprise Content
  • Connect and Collaborate with Teammates and Customers
  • Manage the Full Records Lifecycle

Make Content Easily Accessible and Searchable

  • Accurately Capture Invoice Information with A.I.
  • Streamline High-Volume Capture
  • Quickly Find Content

Unify the Systems Your Teams Use Every Day

  • Automatically Sync Your Data with Direct Integrations
  • Create Custom Integrations that Fit Your Business
  • Integrate Legacy Systems with RPA

Produce Better Work, Faster with Even More Tools

Move business forward quickly and seamlessly with these powerful tools.

Direct Share

Easily and securely share documents outside of your organization and support governance with a tool that provides the ability to email documents with password-protected links and automatic expiration dates.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Minimize context-switching and streamline workflows by creating, editing, routing and archiving your Microsoft 365 documents in Laserfiche.

Records Management

Get unparalleled 360-degree view of records in a records management platform guided by DoD 5015.2 principles to help strengthen compliance across all content and processes.

Robotic Process Automation

Utilize intuitive technology that compromises of bots and programs that can perform repetitive tasks right from a user interface. RPA is fast to deploy, easy to update, and is a powerful catalyst for system integrations.

Smart Invoice Capture

Reduce the turnaround time of your accounts payable process with an machine learning-driven intelligent capture tool to seamlessly capture information from any invoice, in any format.

Electronic Forms

Create digital-first experiences with web-based forms that make it easy to capture information from clients, constituents or students — then kickstart an automated approvals or review process — with low coding required.

Reporting and Analytics

Make more informed decisions with data-driven insights when you discover data trends with custom reporting tools and built-in analytics charts.