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Document & Records Management.

Document and records management digitalizes and centralizes all your enterprises' documents and records in an easily manageable archive. While document management and records management are two separate systems, our platform merges the two to provide you with a complete solution to manage both independently and simultaneously. Our platform allows you to leverage collaboration tools to simplify creating, editing, searching, and managing all your business documents. As for records management, our platform utilizes intuitive tools that can help you distinguish between non-record content from records while administrating their whole lifecycle in total transparency and optimal efficiency.

How can Document & Records Management benefit your organization?

Record Generation and Growth Control

As organizations go paperless in a digitalized world, the amount of paperwork has still not decreased. With document and records management tools, your organization can take full control of the creation of records and their copies, consequently controlling their growth appropriately and reducing its used storage space.

Facilitated Records Retrieval & Disposal

Misplacing records or wasting too much time finding them can cause severe consequences such as losing customers and billable hours. A well-designed documents and records management system provides you with simplified records retrieval and disposal when their lifecycle comes to an end.

Regulatory Compliance

With stricter compliance regulations, it is almost impossible to manually keep up with them without failing to comply with some laws. Legal consequences and substantial penalties are due for an organization if it fails to provide essential records during regulatory checks. An advanced record and document management system can provide full compliance without breaking a sweat.

Safeguard Sensitive Information

Unauthorized access to sensitive and important information can cause disaster-level problems and possible theft. A document and records management system can maintain your documents and records' confidentiality and integrity per your set rules. You can be assigned user-based roles and access levels to keep unauthorized users from accessing and tampering with important information.

Digitalized document and records management with optimal security

Besides the benefits discussed above, a document and records management system allows your employees to stay motivated with a well-organized filing system. In addition organization can make better management decisions as relevant data is more accessible and your company's knowledge is well preserved.